When you love salsa, you find yourself facing a common dilemma—you run out of chips and you aren’t sure how to finish the jar of Member’s Mark. You don’t want to throw it away, but you’re not sure how else to finish it up.

Before you throw that salsa away, keep reading! There are dozens of ways you can use up Member’s Mark salsa before you break open a new jar. We’ve collected 21 time-tested salsa disposal methods below.


Use It as A Topping

Salsa is a delicious topper for scrambled eggs, burgers, mac ‘n cheese, and even grits.


Make Some Gazpacho

Nothing cools you down on a hot day like some homemade gazpacho—just combine salsa, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and some vegetable stock in a blender or food processor, then puree.


Substitute Member’s Mark Salsa for Ketchup or Cocktail Sauce

Because this salsa has tomato as a key ingredient, it’s a natural substitute for other tomato-based condiments and sauces like ketchup, cocktail sauce, and marinara sauce.

Mix It with Lime Juice and Oil for A Flavorful Meat Marinade

The key ingredients for any marinade are simple: a fat, an acid, and a bit of salt. By mixing Member’s Mark salsa with oil and lime juice, you’ll have the perfect base for a fiesta-flavored meat marinade.


Make Salsa Con Queso

If you have cheese in your fridge, adding some leftover salsa to the mix can boost flavor and provide a bit of spice.


Jazz up A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Take your regular grilled cheese to the next level by topping it with Member’s Mark salsa.


Add Salsa to Some Spanish Rice

Spanish rice combines cooked rice with tomato sauce, and spices—salsa is a natural accompaniment.


Make Salsa Your New Secret Ingredient

Member’s Mark salsa adds a bit of zest to soups, spaghetti sauces, chilis, and other tomato-based foods. 


Whip up Some Stuffed Jalapeños

Add some spice to your diet by mixing Member’s Mark salsa with cream cheese and using it as a quick filling for stuffed jalapenos.


Bake A Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast casseroles can be an easy way to feed a crowd: just layer frozen hash browns or home fries in a casserole dish with eggs, salsa, salt, pepper, cheese, and (optional) sausage, then bake.

Start Some Bruschetta

You can put a spicy spin on classic bruschetta by beginning with a salsa base.


Spice up Your Regular Meatloaf

If meatloaf is a staple in your household, adding a bit of salsa can kick up the flavor without adding extra calories.


Try Some Fiesta Baked Ravioli

Top some frozen ravioli with Member’s Mark salsa, pasta sauce, and cheese, then bake in the oven for a quick and easy meal.


Mix Up A Salsa-Based Dip

Instead of dipping crackers or veggies into a ranch mix, create your own creamy salsa dip by mixing leftover salsa with goat or cream cheese.

Add Salsa to Your Deviled Egg Recipe

Deviled eggs get a bit of an edge when salsa is added into the yolk mixture along with paprika and other spices.


Try Some Shakshuka

Eggs and salsa are natural companions—so this traditional Middle Eastern dish that combines tomato sauce, chickpeas, and eggs can always benefit from some extra salsa. Just bring the salsa/tomato mixture to simmer in a skillet or cast-iron pan, add a can of chickpeas, then crack in a few eggs.


Top Your Baked Potatoes

Mixing salsa with sour cream can be a fantastic protein-packed topping for baked potatoes. 


Upgrade Your Chicken or Fish

Topping baked skinless chicken breasts or fish with a dollop or two of salsa can be an almost effortless way to add flavor.


Whip up A Bloody Mary

These adult beverages traditionally combine vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, pepper, and Tabasco—subbing in some Member’s Mark salsa for Tabasco can help you reduce sodium while maintaining flavor.


Make Stuffed Eggplant

For a spicy twist on a Mediterranean favorite, mix salsa with feta cheese and breadcrumbs, then stuff into eggplant halves.


Rescue Dinner: One-Pot Taco Pasta

A quick and easy way to use up a larger amount of leftover salsa is to add it to a one-pot pasta recipe in place of pasta sauce. Top with cheese for taco-inspired flavor.

Whether you’re using Member’s Mark salsa in place of another tomato-based sauce or enjoying it as a topping, there are dozens of ways to repurpose the last of a jar—if your favorite method isn’t on this list, reach out and let us know your secret salsa tips!