Member’s Mark

Mango Salsa

| Item # 724241

What You’ll Love About Member’s Mark Mango Salsa

Member’s Mark Mango Salsa keeps it simple because simple mango salsa is the best kind. The first and primary ingredients are exactly what you’d want in a fresh mango salsa: mango and tomato. Sweet chili sauce, roasted red peppers, salt and cilantro follow after on the list of ingredients to provide a depth of flavor and sweet heat that keeps you coming back, scoop after delicious scoop.

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What People Are Saying About Member’s Mark Mango Salsa

A New Favorite

“I love this salsa! I was expecting it to be too sweet, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. I think it could use a bit more heat, but it’s definitely a great all around salsa sure to please all tastebuds.”


Yummy Mango Salsa

This taste great with tortilla chips! Love the fresh taste and quality of Members Mark from Sam’s Club. Also good a great product to pair with fried or grilled meats or seafood.


One versatile salsa!

“I am loving this mango salsa! So far I have enjoyed it on chicken tacos ,shrimp tacos ,carne asada burritos and with plain tortilla chips. My 7yr old has also been enjoying it as a snack with chips. I love how it doesn’t have a ton of cilantro! I really hope they start making a mild and hot version! This is a sweeter salsa but it is just so good!”

What Can You Put Mango Salsa On?

You can use Member’s Mark Mango Salsa on anything you choose. Some tasty suggestions include topping chicken, shrimp, rice or beef. Mix it with sour cream as a delicious dip, shake it with avocado and olive oil for a salad dressing, dip your tacos straight in, or mix it with pork in the crockpot for sweet and spicy carnitas. Add it to anything and everything. The options are almost endless and pretty much always delicious.