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If you’re a salsa fan, you’re in the right place. Sam’s Club Salsa is dedicated to all things salsa, from recipes to guides for picking your next jar. Green or red, spicy or mild, chunky, chopped, or smooth, we don’t discriminate. We just help other salsa enthusiasts celebrate our favorite dip.
When You Can and Can’t Eat Salsa

When You Can and Can’t Eat Salsa

If you’ve ever wondered how salsa fits into your diet, or whether it’s a healthy snack choice for those with certain medical conditions, wonder no longer! From diabetes to high blood pressure to pregnancy, we discuss when you can eat salsa—as well as a couple of...

Five Must-Try Salsa Recipes: 5 Ingredients or Less! 

Five Must-Try Salsa Recipes: 5 Ingredients or Less! 

From mango to tomatillo to pico de gallo, there are enough wildly different varieties of salsa to mix up your dinners all month long. But if the last thing you want to spend your evenings doing is standing over a stove or chopping up ingredients, you need something...

The Many Healthy Benefits of Salsa

The Many Healthy Benefits of Salsa

Fresh salsa, like Member’s Mark brand, can be one of the healthiest—and tastiest—ways to add flavor to just about any dish. Not only is salsa high in vitamin C and lycopene, but it’s also been shown to boost your metabolism, protect your body against harmful...

The Sauciest Guy on the Internet

I’m SalsaGuy2000, and I’ve been a salsa enthusiast since the day I was old enough to dip a chip. While I’ve cooked with and snacked on most salsas out there, my favorites are easy to find on the shelf at Sam’s Club. That’s why I’m on a mission to share all the creative, delicious, and easy ways to enjoy salsa.

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"This is a staple in our house. Simple & fresh! Not overly processed."


"This is exceptional salsa to eat with chips, serve over a dish or casserole, I even cook with it. It really is the best fresh tasting salsa I've used in years."


"I love the taste and the freshness, I put it on my salads, fish chicken...whatever!!! The price is excellent for the size!"