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Fresh Cilantro Salsa

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You’ll Feel Love at First Bite with Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa

This salsa tastes fresh from the garden, but it’s anything but garden variety. With farm-sourced vegetables and an extra zest of cilantro, it pairs perfectly with three square meals and snacks, too.


Fresh Cilantro Salsa Features Worth Double-Dipping

  • The vegetables in Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa are never cooked, and they’re jarred within 24 hours of being picked.
  • Picky eaters will love this salsa, which is gluten-free, non-GMO, and doesn’t have added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors.
  • With chunky tomatoes and onions, the hearty texture of this salsa will stand up to crunchy chips and rich meats alike.

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What Salsa Buffs Are Saying About Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa

We can’t get enough of this salsa.

“We love this salsa. We make homemade salsa in the summer. It’s similar to it. My husband adds jalapeños to his, he likes extra spice. Not me. It’s great on anything you like salsa on. Or just eat it with chips. Either way it’s an awesome product.”


Won’t last long!

“Staff loves when we do ‘Sam’s Salsa’ days. It’s very fresh tasting, not like usual salsa. Paired with regular and gluten free chips the entire staff can partake. If we don’t finish a jar it lasts for a week max in the refrigerator, which speaks to how fresh it is with no preservatives.”

MMD in Tulsa

Love this on everything

“So fresh and yummy. Love the subtle cilantro flavor. Not spicy. Good with chips or as a topper on any dish. Just adds a touch of fresh flavor to eggs, rice, tacos, soup, or chicken. I honestly could almost eat this with a spoon. So good.”


Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa Spice Rating: One Chile

When it comes to salsa, I almost always appreciate flavor more than spice. That’s probably why I love this Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa so much! It’s mild enough for even the most sensitive palate. Without spice, the garden-fresh flavors of the vegetables (including a subtle, not spicy, hint of jalapeño) and herbs are able to shine!

Get Cooking with Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa

  • Kick up your shrimp and grits recipes by stirring in some Fresh Cilantro Salsa, or top off your dish with a spoonful straight from the jar.
  • Looking for a more creative rib recipe? Trade out boring ol’ barbecue sauce for Fresh Cilantro Salsa.
  • Chicken tortilla soup is good and all, but you know what’s better? Chicken tortilla soup with Fresh Cilantro Salsa. Cook your chicken in the salsa first, or add the salsa before serving.

Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa Storage & Serving Tips

  • Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa is as fresh as the name implies. There are no preservatives, so you’ll want to eat it within five to seven days of opening. 
  • Storage is made simple with a jar that easily seals shut. Just be sure to keep it refrigerated. 
  • The thick, chunky texture of Fresh Cilantro Salsa stands up well to rich meats like pork, beef, and chicken. 
  • The simplest (and maybe the best) way to enjoy Fresh Cilantro Salsa is as a dip. Pair it with your favorite tortilla chips and smile. 

Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa FAQs

Is Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa gluten-free?

Yes, Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa is gluten-free! My wife is gluten intolerant, and this is one of her favorite salsas.

Is Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa nut-free?

Yup, Fresh Cilantro Salsa is nut-free. This salsa is allergy-friendly, which makes it the perfect choice for school parties and after-sport snacks.

How spicy is Member’s Mark Fresh Cilantro Salsa?

Fresh Cilantro Salsa is not spicy at all! It’s a great family fridge staple because it’s palatable for all ages and sensitivities.